Tales of Deepspace

A webserial set in a lost sector of space.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

About the Tales of Deepspace

Locked in by an asteroid wall, being slowly drained into the black hole that is The Maw, Deepspace stands upon the brink of a knife. Soon, war will sweep over the realm. And worse.

The Tales of Deepspace are a series of tales following the realm of Deepspace, set in the far future. I began concieving this project shortly after National Novel Writing Month 2005, as a way to ease my restless writer's mind.

So I thought about how I would arrange this, how often I would update, what the general storyline would be, and so on. I also began considering how to map out Deepspace, when it dawned on me that hand-drawn maps on graph paper would suffice. Even then, I have every intention of moving this story at the speed of plot. When the plot demands it, the characters are there.

I guess I'll move on to the basics of what the hell this project even is. This is an ongoing drama, something along the lines of Desperate Houswives or 24. There are three major differences, however:

  1. They are on television
  2. They have a budget
  3. They actually have coherent plotlines

I'm hoping that the third one is actually a lie, but at this point, only time will tell. A fourth difference, that I didn't mention, is that this is set in space. Duh.

As for actual structure, I'm thinking that I'll run this in weekly "episodes", about twelve of which will form a "season". I'll then take a break between seasons to plot out the next one. Each season will also have a name, probably. I'm hoping that every so often I release a book with a number of seasons in it. We'll see if that happens, though.

So I guess this concludes this introduction to the Tales. Until then, may the Veil part for you!


At 10:39 AM, Blogger Dougie said...

We should totally do this as a radio serial.

At 9:04 PM, Blogger Quiggy said...

That would rock. You could, of course, podcast it.


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